I discovered Dr. Khosroabadi earlier this year, and went in for a free consultation for my Brachymetatarsia, which is on both of my feet. He was very friendly and did not make me feel embarrassed about my condition, and told me there was a procedure to help me!

June 27, 2013 I had my surgery on my left foot only, and over the course of the next weeks, Dr. K had me come in every two weeks and he gave me great advice, support and information along the way. What makes Dr. K stand out is his outgoing-ness.

I was in Tennessee for a weekend, and my pain prescription needed to be refilled but unfortunately, the time for me to do so was when I was out of state. I texted (that's right, I actually have a doctors personal number!) Dr. K with the pharmacy information and he sent it in right away! I had my pain medication within one hour. I am due for my next foot which will be done in a month or so, and I am looking forward to it!

This procedure is amazing and has beautiful results. I highly recommend Dr. K to anyone with foot issues.


Dear Dr.Khosraobadi,

Thank you and your team for the kindness that you showed me in surgery and through the healing process. Thank you so much for making my dreams a reality. I will always be grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. May god bless your practice and all that you do.

Thank you, Cristal

I have lived with this condition (Brachymetatarsia) for 40 years and it has been a thorn in my side on not only a physical level but also an emotional one. This condition has been very limiting and has dictated a lot of how I have gone about living my life - I am happy to say, thanks to Dr. Khosroabadi, this is no longer the case. I am living pain pain free physically as well as emotionally! Because of the amazing, cutting edge surgical advancements he has made in the field, Dr. Khosroabadi has become a respected leader in the medical community - he is the best! Twenty years ago, this perfected type of surgery was not available. I personally thank God for Dr. Khosroabadi, for his wonderful skills, dedication and compassion for his patients which really emanates from him down to his caring staff.

Dorinda H

My experience getting correctional surgery for brachymetatarsia has been live changing! Even though I still have a fixator in place, I already don’t worry about how my toes look and that’s a huge relief! It is definitely a long recovery, but compared to a lifetime of embarrassment, I think the procedure it truly worth it. The first couple of months that I was on crutches were a bit frustrating because I couldn’t be as active, but once I got back on my feet, the recovery hasn’t been too bad. I returned to work and I have little to none bothersome on my foot. I’m so ready to have my fixator removed and be able to buy any style of shoes I like, especially sandals!

- KQ

I had surgery with another doctor for the brachymetatarsia. This doctor put in bone grafts in both feet to do the lengthening. This helped in one foot, but in the other foot it failed. My sister saw Dr. K on the show “The Doctors” and called me. She said I had to see this segment with Dr. K. I did go over and watched it. I was amazed to see the procedure he used to treat this condition. I immediately called Dr. K’s office and made an appointment. There have been problems trying to lengthen the bone only because of the other doctor’s previous work. But Dr. K never gave up and I finally did get some length to the bone. I wish that I had known about Dr. K in the beginning. Dr. K. is caring and patient and wants to do the best for his patients. I am glad that I did find out about Dr. K and that he is working on my feet. I know that I am getting the best care.

- R.C.

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Short Toe Surgeon Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi is a Fellowship trained foot and ankle specialist graduated from New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Khosroabadi completed a three year surgical residency in New York. Since 2008 he's been helping patients from all over US with deformities and illnesses of the foot and ankle. He has always pushed the envelope to come up with new procedures, techniques and devices. He's appeared on multiple national TV programs including the nationally syndicated The Doctors and has appeared in various news outlets. Read More

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