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Treatment for brachymetatarsia may include wearing special shoes that are constructed with extra room (toe box area). Special padding can help protect the short toe from friction and irritation via the top of the shoe. Orthotics can help relieve pressure and distribute weight to other bones.

This short toe condition can also be fixed with two types of procedures.

The first procedure is bone graft surgery. The short toe’s bone is cut in half and another piece of bone is inserted (“grafted”) between the two ends of the original short toe bone. When the bone graft heals, the toe should be the right size. A person cannot put weight on his or her foot for six to ten weeks while the bone graft heals.

However, if the short toe needs a lot of lengthening and the doctor tries to graft a long bone, then the tendons, arteries and veins might not accommodate the change. This can result in a loss of blood supply to the bone and eventually losing the toe.

The second procedure involves inserting a bone-stretching device (external fixator) into the short toe’s bone, which is gradually stretched over a few weeks until the toe is the right length. No bone graft is required and only a small incision is needed (my preferred treatment).

Over several weeks, the patient, who gently turns a bolt on the external fixator, lengthens the short toe bone. This is very similar to braces that gradually move crooked teeth. During this usually painless process, a person is able to stand on their foot with crutches.

I like this method because it gives the patient more control of how much he/she can lengthen the bone. I usually have the patient lengthen the bone 1/2 mm a day at home (this process is totally pain free).

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