"A Roller Coaster Experience"

My experience with brachymetetarsia, this was a roller coaster experience non the less I don’t regret anything and I’m so thankful I got the chance to be part of this journey. After the first day of surgery was not pleasant. It’s ok because you know the out come of your dreams coming true. After a couple days you start to notice change with your feet. Once a day slowly turning the device to make your bone grow. Then slowly within months you’re able to apply pressure on your feet and you feel much better knowing you’re able to start taking baby steps. Always keep your feet clean to prevent any infections. Be very careful that you don’t bump or hurt your foot. If you feel it very swollen elevate your feet and the swelling will start heeling. I’m so happy with my results and definitely recommend this surgery for the person wishing to have nice feet.

- Kelly

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"This procedure is amazing and has beautiful results"

I discovered Dr. Khosroabadi earlier this year, and went in for a free consultation for my Brachymetatarsia, which is on both of my feet. He was very friendly and did not make me feel embarrassed about my condition, and told me there was a procedure to help me! June 27, 2013 I had my surgery on my left foot only, and over the course of the next weeks, Dr. K had me come in every two weeks and he gave me great advice, support and information along the way. What makes Dr. K stand out is his outgoing-ness. I was in Tennessee for a weekend, and my pain prescription needed to be refilled but unfortunately, the time for me to do so was when I was out of state. I texted (that's right, I actually have a doctors personal number!) Dr. K with the pharmacy information and he sent it in right away! I had my pain medication within one hour. I am due for my next foot which will be done in a month or so, and I am looking forward to it! This procedure is amazing and has beautiful results. I highly recommend Dr. K to anyone with foot issues.

- C.G.

" I feel a lot better about myself and about life!"

Ever since the surgery I feel a lot better about myself and about life. I started dating someone and just got engaged 2 weeks ago :) I have to thank Dr. K for everything. This is indeed and life trans formative journey.

- K.F

Short Toe Surgery Before and After

"So Thankful for Dr. K"

Words cannot express how I'm feeling. I am so thankful for Dr.K making this surgery possible.

- Cristal

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